A Voice for Retired Racing Greyhounds

Elegance, beauty, grace and unwavering spirit come to mind when you meet a greyhound. The greyhound has a rich history reaching back over 8,000 years! They are the only dog breed mentioned in the Bible, have been included in great literary works from Ovid to Shakespeare, and have been art subjects from Ancient Egypt to the Renaissance. On this website, unearth the greyhound’s unbelievable history and what carried them through the ages to become one of the best canine breeds for human companionship. Discover unique greyhound stories that will amaze you and touch the hearts of you and your children, and uncover information about all things greyhound from adoption to preparing your greyhound for his new home, to the proper diets. Discover how to research your greyhound’s heritage and racing history. This website is ever changing to provide you with new information about greyhounds, so visit us often!