The Rise of the Phoenix


Winner of 3 Gold Medals in the 2016 Global EBook Awards!


The Rise of the Phoenix

The Rise of the Phoenix


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A fantastic fantasy read for both children and adults!


Logan peers into the wardrobe mirror and notices that the phoenix bird symbol on his collar is glowing fiery orange. That night, Logan is transported through his dream to a medieval land of enchanted forests, castles, and dragons. There, he meets a beautiful greyhound named Tess and learns of the 500-year-old mystery of the phoenix!

Tess and Logan discover, through King Hywel’s book of secrets, that the phoenix is their only hope of saving the kingdom from certain doom. Can they find Logan’s old wizard friend, who can help decipher the code in the secret book, before a terrifying black mist engulfs the entire kingdom?




Ages 8 to Adult


Illustrated, 138 pages


*Contains illustrations, historical chapters, and educational projects at the end for children to expand their vocabulary and critical thinking skills.


Captivating Color Illustrations